Our passion is to protect your Jaguar F-Pace with the ultimate Ceramic Coating care

Have you ever wondered how your Jaguar can look glossy, clean and pristine for years? Then the answer is Detailing Studio’s Ceramic Coating.

With Feynlab’s unique 9H nano-technology formulation Detailing Studio gives your F-Pace a never-ageing ‘straight out of showroom’ look.


ceramic coating on jaguar f-pace car ceramic coating in delhi


Our Ceramic Coating starts as a clear liquid, which, after being applied and cured on your car’s surface, forms a transparent shield. It fills even tiniest of the gaps in the paint and forms an unmatched bond with original paintwork.

Unparalleled Shielding: –

Unlike traditional waxing and sealants which wear off after a few days, our 9H Ceramic Coating protects your F-Pace surface for years. Feynalab’s 9H Ceramic Coating is the king of the mountain as far as protection goes. Think of it as a sacrificial layer which protects your car’s original paintwork.

Damage Prevention: –

Detailing Studio’s Ceramic Coating protects your F-Pace from bird droppings, acid rain and hard water mineral deposits. Furthermore, it protects from the sun’s harmful UV rays, meaning your paint will not get oxidized, and your car will look super glossy for years.

Self Cleaning Properties: –

Another fantastic feature which your Jaguar F-Pace gets is Super-Hydrophobic effect. Your car will bead and repel water for long-term protective care for your vehicle. The Coating will attract water and encapsulate dust or other debris. Then the hydrophobic portion will repel the combined dirt and water from the car. And due to its water and dirt repelling capabilities, it requires less maintenance. With Detailing Studio’s Ceramic Coating, you will find it is easier to maintain a like-new finish and shine on your F-Pace.

Detailing Studio strives for the best results for your F-Pace and push always to exceed expectations on any service. Our Real-world experience and laboratory test results show that Designing Studio’s 9H Ceramic Coating is thicker, glossier and the harder structure offer unsurpassed abrasion and chemical protection.

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