Protect the heartbeat of your Jaguar with Ceramic Coating by Car Detailing Studio In Delhi

Protect the heartbeat of your Jaguar with Ceramic Coating by Car Detailing Studio In Delhi

Are you an owner of a beautiful Jaguar in Delhi? But couldn’t find an effective way of protecting and enhancing your vehicle’s paintwork?

We all know using waxing for your car is a big hassle and it doesn’t last long. After a few days, it breaks down, affecting your Jaguar’s paintwork directly. But here at Detailing Studio, we got the perfect solution of 9H Ceramic Coating for you and your car.

ceramic coating on jaguar ceramic coating in delhi

With years of experience Detailing Studio provides the best service of Ceramic Coating in Delhi. We use Feynlab’s years of researched and tested 9H Ceramic Coating. It is a nano-technology, multi-layer-able, clear, liquid coating applied by our expert staff. And after being applied the liquid combines itself with the factory paintwork and forms a hard armour for your Jaguar.

The groundbreaking technology used by us gives your Jaguar a long-term high visibility shine with increased durability and lower maintenance. It gives you a ‘straight out of showroom’ shine and feel without indulging yourself into arduous waxing and polishing routines.

The unique formulation does not allow dirt, bird droppings and other chemicals to stick to your car, making it invulnerable to the outside environmental contamination. Even if you wash your car with harsh chemical, our Ceramic Coating will protect it like an iron wall.

Not only that your Jaguar gets superhydrophobic properties which means the surface tension is reduced and less dirt, contaminants and chemicals will stick to your paint’s surface. The maintenance of your Jaguar becomes super easy.

This is because of the distinctive feature measured by water bead angle. The angle between the bead of water and surface. Unline other Ceramic Coating giving 114-degree Feynlab’s Ceramic Coating achieves 120-degree water bead angle.

Using the best Ceramic Coating also adds a layer of shine to the overall appearance. With unparalleled durability, our Ceramic Coating pops up your Jaguar’s paint with an extra shine that you’re longing for.

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