Experience the perfection for your Mercedes C- Class with Detailing Studio's Ceramic Coating

Would you like your Mercedes C- Class dull, faded, scratched or grubby? Of course not. That’s why you do everything to protect your Mercedes’s paint surface. From regular waxing to costly sealants, you give your car the best care possible. But these waxes and sealants are not only short-lived but costly also.

mercedes c class ceramic coating


We at Detailing Studio have the best solution of Feynlab’s 9H Ceramic Coating for your Mercedes. Professionally applied, extremely durable, high gloss 9H Coating provides years of protection and enhancement for your Mercedes C-Class. The cutting-edge nanotechnology fills even the tiniest of gaps in the paintwork. It builds a permanent bond at the molecular level with original paintwork providing it with an impenetrable shield with an extremely reflective shine and deep, rich gloss that lasts for years! 

Water instantly repels away encapsulating dirt and grime, making cleaning and maintenance of much easier. This self-cleaning effect is called the hydrophobic effect. Furthermore, the Ceramic Coating will protect your car’s surface from the sun’s harmful UV rays, that oxidize and give your car a dull-faded look. It is scratch-resistant and protects the car’s surface against swirl marks and minor wash scratches.

Our unique formulation dramatically lowers the surface tension and prevents environmental contaminants from bonding to your car’s painted surfaces. Even acid rain and harshest chemicals can’t break the armour of Ceramic Coating.

Our team of expert installers and loophole-free service will give your Mercedes best protection in Delhi. Detailing Studio’s installation is uniquely handcrafted for your Mercedes’s specification.

If you haven’t been to our shop yet, we would like you to invite you to stop by. Meet our expert installers, ask questions and see the quality of our work. We will see you soon!

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