Detailing Studio A One-stop Solution for your Porsche Care

When it comes to Porsche’s paint protection, nothing comes close Detailing Studio’s 9H Ceramic Coating. Far superior to traditional waxing that breaks frequently, our 9H Ceramic Coating offers a permanent thick hard-wearing ceramic film layer. The hard shell is so durable that it can only be removed through abrasions, such as machine compounding or sanding.


car detailing studio ceramic coating on posche


The Coating works as a sacrificial layer, and most scratches and swirls that will occur will be in the layer of the Coating, protecting your Porsche’s paint underneath.
The Ceramic Coating makes your Porsche super hydrophobic that makes maintenance of your car becomes far easier and safer as dirt and grime will have a hard time finding its way onto the paintwork. Unlike any other paint protection product, 1 layer of our Feynlab’s 9H Ceramic Coating is 100 times thicker and provide car’s surface higher surface tension and superior durability. This allows absorbing damage more effectively than would otherwise affect the factory paint job.

The Coating also provides an impenetrable armour against UV rays of the sun, which causes oxidation to the car’s paint. Your Porsche is well protected against chemical pollutants in the environment. Even with the harshest chemical wash, your car will not lose its gloss. Our unique formulation does not contain carbon, and thereby it does not degrade over time.

We are absolutely committed to providing you quality which can only be gained through industry experience. We take pride in providing extraordinary results through years of experience and handpicked staff. We make special endeavour to make most potential products in terms of durability, usage and efficiency.

Your Porsche is treated with the utmost care, and you will feel the passion as we enthusiastically share the results with you.

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