Ceramic Coating On Volkswagen We give your car exceptional care with
Ceramic Coating technology

Ceramic Coating On Volkswagen We give your car exceptional care with  Ceramic Coating technology.

We give your Volkswagen exceptional care with extraordinary Ceramic Coating technology
Who never wishes to look their Volkswagen as new as the day you drove it off the dealership out? But over time, many factors like dust, pollution, scratches, etc. ruins the appearance of the car. You care about your Volkswagen with wholehearted efforts by regular washes and waxing. But everything seems futile as regular waxing wear off in few months making original paintwork vulnerable.

ceramic coating on volkswagon ceramic coating in delhi

Detailing Studio gives your Volkswagen the best solution available using Feynlab’s state of the art technology marvel 9H Ceramic Coating.

Our exquisite Ceramic Coating is a clear multi-layer coating which preserves your car inside and out. After being applied the coating will transform itself into a permanent, durable, flexible glass shield on the surface of your vehicle’s paint.

Benefits of 9H Ceramic Coating:

Prevents Oxidation- The Sun is the biggest enemy for your car’s surface. Harmful and destructive Ultraviolet Rays damages into the paint finish causing an unpleasant fading, deteriorating, spotty look.

Ceramic Coating blocks the Ultraviolet Rays giving factory paint a longer life.

Hydrophobic Effect- Your Volkswagen become Super Hydrophobic and repels water and harmful chemicals which makes cleaning your car more comfortable. Dirt and grime will rinse off effortlessly, and minor scratches can be removed without harming the Ceramic Coating. Your vehicle won’t get any water spots after you wash it.

Unparalleled Gloss- Our unique, researched and tested Ceramic Coating will enhance your Volkswagen’s shine and gloss. The reflective properties of Feynlab’s 9H Ceramic Coating give your car a never ageing look.

Durability- The Ceramic Coating can be seen as a sacrificial layer and stands as an iron wall for your Volkswagen’s paint job. The nanotechnology protects original paintwork from minor scratches and fills the smallest pore in the paint. Even the harshest chemical wash won’t do any harm to 9H Ceramic Coating.

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