Ceramic Coating On Mini Cooper : A Guardian for your Mini Cooper

Ceramic Coating On Mini Cooper : A Guardian For Your Mini Cooper

For those who have a true love for their Mini Cooper and want a constant, high end, everlasting detailed showroom shine, then Detailing Studio’s Ceramic Coating is for you.


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We use exquisite Feynlab’s 9H Ceramic Coating, which is extremely durable. It is a nano-technology, multi-layer-able, clear, liquid coating applied by our expert staff. The coating is specially formulated with greater than 9H hardness which gives extreme scratch and chip resistance. It permanently bonds with the original factory paint. And it can and withstand extreme heat up to 1400 degrees° F. Our unique formulation does not contain carbon, and thereby it does not degrade over time.


Your Mini Cooper becomes superhydrophobic with our Ceramic Coating that beads and shed water for long-term protective care. It provides a never ageing shine and protection that resists dirt and grime from sticking to your car’s paint, wheels, trim and glass. Washing your car becomes super easy, it stays cleaner longer, and it requires less frequent cleanings. Once applied, you will never have to wax again.

The gloss and shine of your car increase dramatically. Our Ceramic Coating gives your Mini Cooper a deep colour finish mirror effect that is unparalleled to anything available in Delhi’s automotive paint protection industry. The hydrophobic effect provides the maximum level of shine possible to your Mini Cooper.

When you choose Detailing Studio, you are choosing a team of the most experienced detailing professionals in Delhi. Quality is our top priority, and we do detailing with skill and passion for displaying your Mini Cooper fullest potential. We are geared toward building a long-lasting relationship with you by providing the highest quality Ceramic Coating in Delhi.

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