Ceramic Coating On Lexus | The ultimate protection for your Lexus

Ceramic Coating On Lexus | The ultimate protection for your Lexus

Protect your Lexus with the most revolutionary technology of 9H Ceramic Coating. Ceramic Coating on Lexus At Detailing Studio, we use Feynlab’s 9H Ceramic Coating, which is exquisite nanotechnology.


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This coating bind itself binds to the surface of Lexus at the molecular and atomic level. It forms a highly durable and protective layer; separating your car’s original paint and interior surfaces work from the harsh elements of the environment. It provides stronger chemical resistance than any other Ceramic Coating in Delhi. Even with the harshest chemical wash, your car will not lose its gloss. Our unique formulation does not contain carbon, and thereby it does not degrade over time.

Unlike expensive wax or sealant, which last only for a few months and breaks down very often, Ceramic Coating durability is unparalleled. Ceramic Coating gives a higher level of protection and shines when pitched against wax and sealant. The coating act as a sacrificial layer against scratches and other harmful environmental elements.

Our real-world tested and researched Ceramic Coating also add extra shine to your Lexus. Your car will look “straight out of showroom” new for ages. The Coating adds a candy-like gloss to your car’s surface, which will not fade away with time. This is because our Ceramic Coating blocks suns harmful UV rays and prevents oxidization which leads to rust and dull look.

Another astonishing feature of 9H Ceramic Coating is Hydrophobic effects it adds to your car’s surface. It means your car will repel water automatically. Dirt and grime will have hard times to find its way to your car’s surface. Cleaning and maintenance of your car will be more easier as water and dirt will not stick to it.

Detailing Studio is dedicated to providing your Lexus with the best service and protection possible. We are geared toward building a long-lasting relationship with you by providing the highest quality Ceramic Coating in Delhi.

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