Ceramic Coating On Kia Ideal Ceramic Coating
Protection Crafted

Ceramic Coating On Kia Ideal Ceramic Coating protection crafted. At Detailing Studio we reverse the signs of ageing for your Kia.

Our trained staff provide professional service with years of experience in ceramic coating and paint protection. We make sure that your Kia’s exterior is protected for years.


ceramic coating on kia Best Car Ceramic Coating In Delhi


Our extensively researched 9H Ceramic Coating is tested and examined many times by our detailing experts and customers. We provide the best Ceramic Coating in Delhi that prevents scratches and is efficiently self-cleaning.The sacrificial layer 9H Ceramic Coating prevents your Kia’s paint from any scratches. And it can be removed with a light polish.

The gorgeous glossy look of your Kia will not fade away because your ceramic car coating will block UV rays and prevents oxidization.
Unlike many other many other Ceramic Coating companies in Delhi that claim self-healing capabilities but last for a few months, we guarantee unparalleled durability. Feynlab’s exquisite self-healing ceramic coatings are long-lasting. It provides stronger chemical resistance than any other Ceramic Coating in market. Even with the harshest chemical wash, your car will not lose its gloss. Our unique formulation does not contain carbon, and thereby it does not degrade over time.

Not only that your Kia’s becomes super-hydrophobic making the surface slicker. The surface tension is reduced which means less dirt and contaminants will stick to your paint’s surface. The maintenance of your Kia becomes super easy. This is because of the distinctive feature measured by water bead angle. The angle between the bead of water and surface.

Unline other Ceramic Coating giving 114-degree Feynlab’s Ceramic Coating achieves 120-degree water bead angle.

Detailing Studio is dedicated and takes pride in providing your Kia inimitable workmanship. We strive to deliver you exceptional service. We are geared toward building a long-lasting relationship with you by providing the highest quality Ceramic Coating in Delhi.

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