Ceramic Coating On Bentley Our goal is your Bentley’s protection

Ceramic Coating On Bentley Our goal is your Bentley’s protection

Wax is dead! Nano Ceramic Coating is the next generation paint protection system, and Detailing Studio provides you with the best 9H Ceramic Coating in Delhi. Our Ceramic Coating keeps Bentley’s “Better than New” look for years.


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The 9H Ceramic Coating forms a hard crystal layer which makes wax and other sealants obsolete. Its high strength and unique nanoparticles technology bonds with your Bentley’s original paintwork and offer extreme resistance to environmental impacts.

Our Ceramic Coating formulation was researched and designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for a glossy finish. With low maintenance, your Bentley will shine for many years to come.

At Detailing Studio, we use Feynlab’s exquisite Ceramic Coating, which is the hardest Nano Ceramic Coating in the world. The Coating fills any existing gaps in the paint and provides a protective armour to your car, which acts as a sacrificial layer against scratches and blemishes. Unlike wax or other sealants, Ceramic Coating is permanent and does not cause any harm to your beloved Bentley.

Your car is well protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays that lead to oxidation and discolouration. It excellently prevents rust and keeps your Bentley’s value intact for years to come.

Feynlab’s unique 9H Ceramic Coating also handle water very well. Your car’s exterior and interior becomes superhydrophobic. It means your Ceramic Coat beads and shed water and prevents water spots forming as well as etching into your car’s surface.

This means you won’t have to wash your car as frequently, and the maintenance of your Bentley becomes super easy. Even if you wash your car with harsh chemicals, your car won’t get any damage.

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Our Real-world experience and laboratory test results show that Designing Studio’s 9H Ceramic Coating offer unsurpassed abrasion and chemical protection.

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