Preserve the beauty of your BMW 7 Series with Detailing Studio’s Ceramic Coating

Preserve the beauty of your BMW 7 Series with Detailing Studio’s Ceramic Coating

Are you worried about your BMW 7 Series’s paint protection? We know that waxing and sealants are no permanent solution and are very expensive too.

At Detailing Studio, we got the perfect solution of 9h Ceramic Coating for your BMW 7 Series. Our unique multi-layer-able, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating When cured, transform itself on the surface to a permanent and durable glass shield. It is applied by our expert detailing team and is the best alternative to wax and sealants.

bmw 7 series ceramic coating

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Prevents Oxidation: Delhi scorching heat and UV rays are the worst enemies of your BMW 7 Series’s surface. Destructive UV rays eat into your car’s paint finish causing a fading, deteriorating, spotty look which looks quite ugly. With our exquisite formulation of 9h Ceramic Coating, your car’s paintwork is well protected from the sun’s destructive power, avoiding the process of oxidation.

Worry-free detailing: The Ceramic Coating once applied to give your car superhydrophobic effects which repel water and harmful chemicals, making cleaning your car a breeze. Dirt and grime will have a time finding a way to your car’s paintwork. The coating also prevents water spots from forming after wash.

Everlasting Gloss: Our Ceramic Coating dramatically increases the shine and gloss of your BMW 7 Series. The unique reflective properties of our coating give your car a never ageing look. This is an essential upgrade to your factory paint job to get the most stunning effect out of your car’s appearance.

Good Investment: The Coating will protect your BMW 7 Series’s interiors and exterior from deteriorating for a lifetime. The resale value of your car remains high, and Ceramic Coating pays for itself in the end.

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